Google set to dig-in gold with Social Gold

To support ‘virtual monetization’, Google is all set to launch in-app payment service. This service will assist web based in-app application development

Much awaited by application developers, Google’s newly acquired ‘Social Gold’ is expected to be launched in 2nd quarter of 2011. Google bought Social Gold from Jambool, the company behind visual currency transaction, in August last year. Currently, Social Gold helps in merchandise of visual goods and offers easy and express currency conversion.

It offers its users a gamut of services. Recurring billing solutions and the facility of ‘iframe’ gives app developers an edgy control over payment and cancellation process. iframe can be embedded on the app developer’s website for eliminating unnecessary steps while making in-game payments.

To increase gamers’ engagement and increase customer-conversion rate, Social Gold offers customization of look. An app developer can get custom-made services to enhance in-game experience.

No set-up cost and a large customer base has made Social Gold popular amongst app developers. Payments can be made easily and with security assurance.

Nevertheless, Google-branded Social Gold which will be launched in May 2011, is exclusively for ‘web-based-in-app-payments’.

Author: Jon Dixon